2022 Guide to Custom

Digital Learning Costs

Anna Williams

Why won’t anyone just give me a price?

How much does it cost to produce high-quality digital learning for the healthcare industry? Custom learning providers are often not very forthcoming with pricing, which makes it difficult to plan and budget for projects. In this guide, we will break down the pricing for the different types of services associated with producing high-quality digital learning. There are many factors that go into how much you get charged. And unfortunately, a higher price tag does not always deliver higher quality deliverables or educational effectiveness.

What's involved in creating custom eLearning?

  • First, you will need a learning strategy, which is essentially an outline of what your eLearning course is going to cover and the best way to deliver this content to your audience.
  • Next, you will develop the learning design. This will involve determining the way you plan to deliver your course. In 2022, it is difficult to hold learners’ attention without including some video as part of your course. Slides alone are not engaging! Learn more about the statistics of video learning in 2022 here.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to create an outline for all the components and expertise you will need to develop your course. Instructional design, video production, animation, graphic design, and platform development should be included.


video based healthcare learning

Example of Cinematic-Quality Video Learning (source: MasterClass)

How much does it cost to create custom eLearning?

The cost to create custom digital learning will vary greatly depending on the type of course, the selected vendor, the video quality, and other deliverables included.

What are eLearning for average costs?

At Pivto, we do things a little differently

We have unique to industry transparent pricing. You can visit the pricing page of our website and be able to budget for your project. No surprises! In fact, here is our pricing to help you budget and plan for your next eLearning project.

Healthcare eLearning Pricing Guide

Healthcare Digital Learning Doesn't Need to be Boring!

Online CME

We can all agree that medical education videos are a little dry. So why aren't we doing a better job making them more engaging for learners?

The truth is a lot of companies are just throwing money at the problem and hoping that it'll go away. But when you're trying to get people to learn something new, you must be thoughtful about how you approach the problem.


For your next CME or client-education project, why keep returning to Zoom calls or ordinary PowerPoint presentations with voiceover? It is possible to create powerful and engaging digital learning in both a time and cost-effective way. Also, give the learners time to revisit the education through various touchpoints that look more typical of consumer-based technologies. It’s important to use a combination of mobile, micro, and social learning.  

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Anna Williams is an experienced healthcare industry project manager with an interest in increasing learner engagement with digital learning experiences.