We are Pivto

A St. Louis-based edtech company empowering healthcare organizations to inspire through digital learning.

We’re a healthcare digital learning company with a unique perspective. By leveraging our subscription model and unique to industry transparent pricing, we help clients navigate an evolving healthcare landscape focused on rapid innovation and engagement with diverse audiences. We believe that doing effective learning is not enough. It has to serve a higher purpose. So, when we help our clients educate and grow by doing more good for the populations they serve, everyone wins.

Healthcare eLearning company based in St. Louis

Pivto was founded with a single mission: to help you create healthcare eLearning experiences for your employees, clinicians, customers, and the public.

We create engaging, digital-first learning experiences for our client's employees, partners, and customers. Our solutions accelerate the learning process, increase retention, and are delivered digitally to any device. This flexibility allows learning to take place anywhere, at any time. We help you make your employees more effective, your partners more successful, and your customers more confident in purchasing and using your products and services.

Whether your topic is straightforward or complicated, we will translate it into easy and convenient digital learning. We can do this because we understand the psychology of learning, are experts in the application of digital media in learning, and approach learning design from the perspective of the learner—but with a full understanding of the underlying business need.

Our Leadership

Our philosophy? Make learning as simple for the learner as possible. Simple to absorb, simple to access, and simple to apply. But making things simple is not…simple. Developing high-quality learning experiences—simple or otherwise—requires a comprehensive understanding of the business situation, a learner-focused design process, a relationship that fosters creativity and collaboration, and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Director of Production

Nolan Fogleman

Director of Operations

Seth Scarborough

Director Video Production

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