Designing eLearning Courses for a Corporate Audience

When learning is happening in a work environment, it’s critical to make the material itself and the learning experience extremely engaging. Corporate employees will be balancing learning with working, often being required to take time from their busy schedules to fit in e-learning modules and the last thing they want is to be bored throughout the whole experience. There are multiple ways to make engaging courses, and that’s exactly what our team focuses on when designing courses for our clients. Content will be absorbed best in an engaging, dynamic course, and we strive to create courses that people want to learn.


The Power of Multi-Media

The human brain has become accustomed to absorbing so many pieces of information every second of every day, so delivering the information in a way that is sure to capture the audiences’ attention can be challenging. We find the best way to do this is to employ multiple methods of relaying information, also known as various forms of media. Our courses are filled with videos, text, activities, small group work, journaling, and more, to keep the minds of our learners excited and engaged.

Engaging Activities

No one wants to sit through hours of a voice on a computer talking at them. In fact, the human brain can only absorb information delivered that way for so long. Giving time in courses to reflect back, process alone, engage in case studies, or apply the learned materials is where the real learning happens, so we try to focus on weaving in as many engaging activities as we can.

Building Community

In school, most kids are excited to enter the classroom because of the community that’s in it. They want to see their friends, get human connection, and have time to socialize; adults really aren’t all that different. If a course can build a sense of community through group work and class discussion, we’ve found that audiences are much more engaged and excited to keep returning day after day.

Ensuring Accessible Learning

Accessibility means many things in a learning environment. First, ensuring that everyone can access and engage with the material they need in a productive way is critical. Our e-learning platform is easy to navigate and understand, even for the least tech-savvy person in the office.


Next, we understand that all topics in our courses will be understood and applied differently by different people taking the course. We strive to showcase diversity in our courses to allow everyone to connect to the course in some way. Diversity can be thought diversity, social or cultural diversity, or even diversity in skill or ability level.


Lastly, we have various ways for students to interact with our courses and provide feedback, depending on their needs. Our courses are friendly to those with disabilities that can make online learning difficult, and we aim to tailor courses whenever needed.

eLearning Can Be Engaging

Over the years, e-learning has gotten a bad reputation because courses have taken advantage of an online platform to recycle course materials, reuse tired teaching approaches, and maintain a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re trying to change the experience that corporations and their employees have in e-learning settings. All the courses created by our team are done so in partnership with our clients to ensure an interactive, engaging, and valuable learning experience.

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