First Responders Mental Health

Case Study

An Animated Microlearning Course

The Disaster Response State Grant, through the Missouri Department of Mental Health, set out to develop a microlearning course that would inform first responders throughout the state of Missouri on best mental health practices specific to their profession.

Uniting discussions with mental health professionals and first responders with years of educational design, Pivto developed 20 mobile-first learning experiences to inform first responders on important topics such as suicide prevention, stress management, and mindfulness-based stress relief techniques.

Characters and Relatability

A key objective of this project was to make sure the content was relevant and it was presented in a way that could be relatable to the viewer. First responders are in a unique role that requires a consistent level of strength and control. To display the relevance and truth of the content, Pivto developed three characters to demonstrate the various topics - a paramedic, a police officer, and a firefighter. The animated characters were received well by viewers and were certainly an aspect of this course that allowed for continued engagement among learners.

30 Minutes of Animation

The final product was 20 animated videos, each discussing a different important topic, totaling 30 minutes of animation. Check out one of the final products here.

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