How to Elevate a Hybrid Workplace with Mobile Learning

It’s no secret that people spend hours a day on their mobile devices. There’s even a good chance you’re reading from a mobile device right now. With the pandemic only increasing our usage of mobile devices, many workplaces are shifting their corporate training programs to include mobile-friendly learning components. This isn’t something to skip on, as studies show mobile learning increases workplace productivity by 43%.

It's All About Engagement

The purpose of training is to better prepare your employees to carry out their responsibilities for the company. To get the best training results, you want to hold the learner’s attention in a way that feels familiar and easy. Knowing that your employees will already be engaged with their mobile devices takes one step out of the process, which sets your company and your workforce up for success.

Easy to Implement Mobile Learning Strategies

After you have a chance to see what works best for your company’s needs, you should feel free to customize your strategies or even come up with new ones. However, if you’re just starting out, here are some easily strategies you can start implementing as soon as today.

  • Push Notifications – it’s common for hybrid employees to always have their mobile device handy. Instead of worrying if they might become distracted, use this knowledge to your advantage and push out important training information in bite-sized pieces. You can utilize all kinds of mobile apps to communicate different types of information and even create your own company app!  
  • Gamification – when you make your training feel like a game there’s an immediate sense of accomplishment that encourages the user to want to keep going.
  • Socialization – some employees work great remotely, and others work better when they have social interactions with coworkers. Luckily, it’s easy to feel like your team is in the same building when you implement mobile learning with interactive elements.

Formats to Consider for Mobile Learning

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to implement some mobile learning strategies, you might wonder how you can introduce them.

  • Mobile Apps – utilize different apps depending on your training needs.
  • eBooks – share company training information with visually engaging eBooks that employees can download from home or at the office.
  • Podcasts – more and more people are engaging with podcasts to consume content every day. They’re free to make and easy for your team to listen to.
  • Videos –whether you share them through email, mobile app, or even YouTube, concise and engaging videos are a great way to share information that requires the learner to visualize a concept or watch a demonstration.
  • Online Templates – if you want to make sure you always have the most up to date information available for your employees, consider hosting online templates that can be accessed remotely or in person.

The Bottom Line

The only real missing element from a hybrid workplace is that in-person interaction. So, if you have company training modules designed for mobile use, not only do you stand to witness better engagement, but you won’t need to worry about creating different programs for different work environments. When you take advantage of mobile learning, the opportunity only really ends where you imagination does.

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