Why Your Company Needs a Digital Learning Strategy

In the past two years, remote work has changed the way we operate in the workplace. Previously, companies spent the bulk of their training budget on high-performing individuals or managers, sending them to in-person events or conferences in hopes this would push them ahead of their competitors.


Today, digital learning can provide training and development opportunities (a top priority for employees!) to all individuals at your company. Here are the top 3 reasons why a digital learning strategy provides value to your company and employees.

1. Digital learning maximizes accessibility

When you convert to a digital learning strategy for your company, you reach all employees. Statistics should that 87 percent of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace are important, and 59 percent of millennials claim development opportunities are extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a new position.


As a business, you’re responsible for providing this training and development to your employees, and if you don’t, you may see your retentions numbers drop. Employees want to stay with a company that values and invests in them. Craft a digital learning strategy to spread your training budget around and ensure all employees feel valued.

2. Digital learning personalizes learning

Not everyone learns the same way. A digital learning strategy involves digital assets such as videos, online courses, blogs, podcasts, articles, and more. While some employees may prefer to complete a multi-week online course, others may enjoy listening to a podcast on a similar topic. Online learning caters to the different learning styles of your employees — visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Plus, allowing your employees to choose their learning style will maximize productivity around the other professional work they have on their plate.

3. Digital learning adapts to new technology

New technologies are everywhere. Chatbots, Augmented Reality, gamification — if your organization doesn’t learn to use these technologies as they come then you’ll quickly get left behind. Digital learning strategies allow you to integrate these new technologies slowly and permit your employees to learn at their own time and pace.


Another bonus? IBM found that participants learn 5 times more material in online learning courses with multimedia content than they do in traditional face-to-face courses. Provide your employees the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the spot.

Final Thoughts

Overall, most employees see development as a critical job benefit that a company should provide. However, between the COVID-19 pandemic and limited budgets, organizations are often unsure of how to deliver.


Invest in a digital learning strategy — a must for all businesses in this digital age. eLearning solutions make the right tools available for learning, allow you to stay current in a dynamic workplace, and promote constant education. Pivto Digital Learning is here to help you fully customize digital learning to engage and educate your employees.

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