Youth Health Education

Digital health education: Reaching teens and young adults in the community

The challenge

Teens and young adults need to be empowered to become self-sufficient, resilient, and responsible citizens.

Pivto Digital Learning helped the State of Missouri to provide youth with parenthood curricula and financial literacy to delay parenthood until they have completed their education, gained financial independence, and entered into a committed relationship.

Through the Future Leaders program, the Missouri Child Support Program provides child support education to seventh and eighth grade students in Missouri public schools, to explain the financial, legal, and emotional responsibilities of teenage pregnancy. The Future Leaders program combines with programs on related issues, such as reducing teen pregnancies, teaching parenting skills, helping teens improve their relationship skills, and encouraging positive mentoring.

The solution

Pivto Digital Learning helped to create and produce e-learning content that reached youth where they are, in school and in social media. Learning content included:

  • Interactive e-Learning created in Articulate 360
  • Peer to peer educational video content
  • Animated video lessons

Articulate 360 Design and Development

Drag and Drop

Animated Videos

Peer to Peer Educational Social Videos